The gloves are off when it comes to the legal battle between convicted killer Jodi Arias and her former attorney, Kirk Nurmi.

Nurmi recently published a book, "Trapped With Ms. Arias," where he details the five long years he spent working with the defendant.

Now, Arias is suing Nurmi from behind bars for all the proceeds from the book sales. Nurmi, who recently gave up his law license to avoid a four-year suspension told 12 News he stands by all the claims in his book.

“I believe the comments I made in my book are a proper ethical response to what Ms. Arias put in the public discourse,” Nurmi said.

The former lawyer and now self-published author said most of our questions are best saved for the courtroom.

“I got to tell you, I really look forward to getting into court disputing the allegations and assertions that are made, I look forward to offering the truth to the jury,” he added.

After years of representing Jodi Arias, following the June 2008 murder of her ex-boyfriend, Nurmi said he's done being a lawyer and stands by his words.

“I stand by everything I said in the book as being true or my accurate belief in my perception, when I wrote it, when I published it,” Nurmi said.

The lawsuit's allegations are unsettling, including:

"Nurmi reveals his utter hatred of Arias in his book ... His intention was to publish a book exposing her confidences and secrets for financial gain."

"Nurmi had a disturbing, sexual fascination with the case and with Arias."

Nurmi said Arias believes there was a breach in attorney/client confidentiality. Not a chance, he said: That privilege is temporary.

“In my thinking, it ends when a client discloses that information to the public,” he said.

Which Nurmi claims Arias did on several occasions, specifically in May of 2013. Meanwhile, Nurmi has willingly given up his lawyer license following an ethics complaint to the state bar. Nonetheless, he looks forward to his day in court with the convicted killer.

Nurmi didn't disclose how many books he's sold, and as of now, there is no court date scheduled.