PHOENIX - A new mural is going up behind the Circle K near Roosevelt and 7th streets.

The Roosevelt Row addition highlights the 30-year partnership between the gas station franchise and the United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Central Arizona.

"It's inspiring," Suzy Peel, the real estate development manager for Circle K stores. "It does exemplify life without limits."

On the walls are real faces of those who have benefited from UCP. One of the finished characters is a beautiful girl with butterfly wings.

"We've been able to see her have the ability to walk with a walker," said Valerie Pieraccini, the director of early intervention, therapy and early learning center for UCP. "It's a big deal to have mobility."

The two masterminds behind the vibrant canvass are Roman Reyes and Jose Andres Giron.

"I can really, really relate to what we're doing here," said Reyes whose son has autism. "We're putting them in the public's eye and making the public aware of their needs, because everybody needs to have a fulfilled life."

The mural is only halfway finished behind the Circle K. Once the wall is covered, the two will move across the street to paint the south and east sides of the UCP building.

The project should be completed by the end of August.

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