PHOENIX- When you hear the wind, lightening and rain moving in, you immediately start hoping the monsoon doesn't damage your home, but if it does, what's covered?

"As long as you have the right policy, the dwelling itself will be covered from almost everything monsoon storm related," Kent Stewart from Insurance Professionals of Arizona. "From wind damage, to hail, to falling objects like tree's that damage your roof or break windows, that will all be covered."

What won't be covered?

"Flood damage will not be covered," Stewart said. "If rainwater hits the ground and then goes into your home, that's flood damage and it won't be covered. If rainwater comes through your roof and damages your home, that's water damage and that will be covered."

As for car damage?

"If you have physical damage coverage on your vehicle in the form of comprehensive coverage, most things that happen to your car from a monsoon will be covered,"Stewart said.

Before filing a claim, what should you do?

Stewart said there are ways to prevent further damage to your home.

"For example, put a tarp over a hole in your roof to prevent further water damage. Also, make sure you document the damage by taking photos," Stewart said.

This raises another question. Can you be dropped by your insurance provider for filing too many claims?

"Yes, you can be dropped for filing too many claims. If you have a one thousand dollar deductible and your damage is twelve hundred dollars, you are only going to net two hundred dollars, so it might not be worth filing a claim because if a bigger claim comes about, you could be dropped for filing too many claims," Stewart said.

Overall, if you have any doubt about your coverage, make sure you know your policy inside and out.

"Different carriers offer different policies, make sure you read the policy and look for anything that's excluded," Stewart said. "Also make sure it's an open peril policy meaning everything will be covered unless noted as excluded. I also recommend getting flood insurance in order to be fully covered from all damage."