PHOENIX - Love them or hate them, President Donald Trump tweets all the time, and news outlets cover them on a regular basis.

But could he be breaking the law when he erases a tweet?

"Well, in fact, he's being sued over that,” said Dan Barr, a media and political law attorney.

We verified the Presidential Records Act, which passed in 1978 after the Watergate Scandal, means they must be archived.

It was a time before the whole world was behind a touch screen.

"This is the first time that we've ever had a president of the United States using Twitter like this,” said Barr.

White House representatives have promised to save all of President Trump's tweets, even ones he's deleted.

A lawsuit filed against him back in June aims to make sure all records are preserved during Trump’s time in the Oval Office.

"We want you to stop doing this and to comply with the law,” said Barr, describing the lawsuit.

Regardless, there is a watchdog Twitter page of sorts.

When the president Tweeted a video of Olympic runner Usain Bolt stopping for the national anthem, for example, which was a reference to football players kneeling in protest, Twitter handle @RealPressSecBot turned it into a presidential statement format.

It does it automatically for any new posts every five minutes.

And Trump cannot erase these.

So is he breaking the law? We got an immediate, “Yes" from Barr.