PHOENIX– Near 32nd St. and Indian School is one of ten Jabz Boxing gym locations. The decor may be pink, but that doesn’t signify an easy class-- in fact it’s actually a harbinger for how red your face will get.

Although the classes are geared toward women, they let me try out two 45 minute classes. It was intense, to say the least.

“It’s a different workout every day,” said Christina Peregrym, owner of the Happy Valley Road location, just east of I-17. “Wednesday is leg day. Tuesday and Thursday are strength conditioning-- biceps, triceps, shoulders, back. Friday, you have core exercises. Saturday is one of our toughest days. It’s ‘Extreme Jabz,’ a bootcamp and total body workout. Then Monday is a higher paced, high-cardio workout.”

In the gym, there are 16 stations ranging from hooks to uppercuts, burpees, intense crunches and lots of squatting. Gym-goers do each station for 45 seconds and then, in between, participate in ‘cardio blast,’ where they push themselves to increase their heart rate.

“We have ladies as young as 16 and up to 75,” said Peregrym. “Whether you are young or you’re old, you’re skinny or a little bit heavier, you’re strong or maybe you’re not so strong – you can get this whole workout in.”

Clients who have been going to Jabz for months say they notice a significant difference.

“When I first started, I couldn’t do a push-up,” said Wendy Anderson, who has been taking the class for almost a year. “Now I can.”

New members can get their first week for free or pay $34 for unlimited for the first month.

There are currently ten gym locations across the Valley. Peregrym is in the process of opening the 11th gym near Happy Valley Road and Lake Pleasant Parkway.

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