GLENDALE, Ariz. - iLoveKickboxing is workout that’s definitely a knock out.

“It sounds so cheesy but I really do love kickboxing,” said Sue Loosle, the Manager of Glendale’s iLoveKickboxing. “It changed my life. It’s given me a path to follow. I love the workout side of it.”

Loosle has been the manager since the gym opened 14 months ago. Her location near Union Hills and 59th Ave. is one of three in the Valley. There is also a branch in Ahwatukee and Gilbert.

“A lot of people think the only way you can do kickboxing is if you want to fight or if you’re really super fit,” she said. “That’s not true. It’s just a great workout. It’s a lot of fun.”

With no experience, I gave it a shot. What’s nice is a trainer sticks by newbies to walk them through each step and watch their form.

The class is divided into three parts: the warm-up (which is intense), the punching bag (the fun part) and a partner exercise.

Finally there’s the partner exercise.

“A lot of stress relief going on here,” said Loosle. “You’re punching stuff and you can’t get in trouble for it.”

“When I first came I was nervous,” said Jeannette Burrie who has been going to the gym for a year.

“They make you feel really welcome,” she said. “I think that’s why I stuck it out for so long. I’ve noticed I’m a lot stronger. I’ve lost over 50 pounds.”

There is an online deal for new members. You can take three classes for $19.99, which includes boxing gloves.

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