CHANDLER, Ariz. - The calls pour in by the second. Some days are busier than others but people call Chandler Police every day.

“We get calls for car accidents, fires, burglaries,” said Chandler dispatcher Elisa Rivas.

The dispatch center receives more than 21,000 calls a month, about 7,000 are considered emergency calls. The police department also receives about 600 text messages a month.

“Some people feel texting is the easiest way to get things done,” said Rivas.

The department is one of the first in the Valley that allows people to use a non-emergency text option to contact police.

“You can text us from anywhere, it is just as fast (response time) as a phone call,” said Rivas.

About a dozen operators can respond to text messages that are placed to the non-emergency number. Operators can respond in text form and people can send pictures that could prove vital to solving a case.

The pictures can even be sent to officers in the field.

Police say the system is mainly set up to respond to non-emergency calls but if needed, you could use it during a crisis. Rivas says if someone breaks into your home and you don’t want to talk for fear of being heard, you could text dispatchers.

“In that situation, you certainly could text us and give us the information,” said Rivas.

The system is also great for people that are deaf, unable to speak or have a speech problem. At this time the system does not allow video but that could be coming in the near future.

If you would like to save the number to text Chandler police, it is: 480-782-4130.

The number could also be used to call for non-emergency situations.