GLENDALE, Ariz. - A 12-year-old girl came to the rescue when she spotted her 18-month-old cousin floating in a pool Sunday.

First responders said Imtisal Mohamed jumped in the pool at a home near Northern and 59th avenues and pulled her second cousin out. Then another family member performed CPR before police took over.

"I ran outside and picked her up, and I was screaming. So I just called her dad and my dad," Imtisal said. "I took her out, and then they came and did CPR to her. Yeah, they were screaming, and we were so scared for her."

"Just laid her down and just started doing CPR," said Abulgasim Mohamed, who was one of the adults who performed CPR.

Fire crews continued the CPR when they arrived and were able to get the baby breathing on her own.

By the time they got to a hospital, firefighters said the baby had a loud cry. Firefighters say that's a good thing.

The Glendale Fire Department said they believe the girl went under water when the family was outside. A barrier to the pool was left open, and the girl was able to walk into the pool area and get into the water.

"I think she just fell in or something, I don't know what happened to her. And then I just ran and saved her," Imtisal said.

The 12-year-old's quick actions may have saved her cousin's life.

"If I didn't know how to swim, maybe she wouldn't be OK," she said. "Thank you for the firefighters and everyone who saved her life."

Responders said they don't know how long the baby was in the water.