PHOENIX - The owners of the iconic Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix -- which was featured in the popular late '80s movie, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure -- said this week they eventually plan to demolish large portions of the mall.

The plan is to turn Metrocenter into a "true urban village," but that's not stopping people from turning to social media and sharing their memories at the shopping center from over the decades.

Timothy Marquez said he met his wife there in 1995.

Jane Brown said she met Alice Cooper when she was working at Musicland.

Brandi Nordstrom Mostofo said it was the first place she went after she got her drivers license.

Marlene Maxwell has a lot of great memories of the shopping center.

Mike Torrez said he'll miss the lower level arcade.

Out with the old and in with the new is not so easy to take, especially when your family is here because your parents' love story began at Metrocenter Mall.

"My dad kept asking out my mom, and that's how they met. So I wouldn't be here today if Metrocenter wasn't in existence," said Erik Praskins.

"They were more concerned about safety, and so some of the new places started opening up, and they suggested I go hang out there," Praskins said.

The old Metrocenter mall site will make room for a Walmart Supercenter, offices, housing and healthcare -- but will leave the Valley with a lot to remember.

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