PHOENIX - If you've been on the I-10 in the west Valley you have seen construction for the past couple of months, and according to ADOT it will go through 2019.

"There is never a good time to close a freeway," said Kole Dea, a senior resident engineer with ADOT, "particularly one as busy as I-10, but it's absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of the traveling public and construction workers building the new South Mountain Freeway interchange."

Big changes are in store for the traffic interchange near 59th Avenue. That is where the I-10 will connect to the Loop 202. The freeway will then stretch southeast towards Ahwatukee and connect to the Loop 202 there.

Workers are building five overpass bridges to connect the two freeways.

"The challenge in building a freeway-to-freeway or system interchange is we are building freeway construction over, on and below I-10," said Dea. "That includes bridge work above, pavement work on and drainage work below."

The Loop 202 construction is divided into four areas and all four are being worked on at the same time. They will all finish at the same time. The projected date for completion will be late 2019.

ADOT said when the freeway opens it will cut down on traffic from the west Valley that commutes to work through downtown and then south.

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