It was the biggest memorial ride in Arizona history.

Hundreds of cyclists came together Sunday morning to pay their respects to one of their own, Robert Dollar, who was hit by a car while cycling South Mountain last Sunday.

Dollar was an avid cyclist. His love of the sport was eclipsed by only one thing: his love of pushing people to be their best.

"I'm overwhelmed by the stories I'm hearing from cyclists," said Matt Harding, Dollar's uncle. "How Robbie would push them. They'd be toward the end of a ride and Robbie would come along side them and smack them along the keister and say, 'Come on, you got this!''

People who knew him, or knew of him, came together for a memorial ride for Dollar, that started at The Velo bike shop in downtown Phoenix and made it's way down to South Mountain.

There, not far from the place where Dollar lost his life a week earlier, the cycling family paused for a moment of silence.

Harding said his nephew had a motto that applied to the turn out. "Go huge, or go home. And this is huge. I'm telling you, where Robbie is right now, he's smiling. This is big," Harding said with a smile.