BUCKEYE, Ariz. - As some Buckeye residents struggle with bills claiming they've used tens of thousands of gallons of water, some said they're being told they must have a leak somewhere in their home.

Erik Bryan, owner of Precision Air and Heating, said it's relatively easy to see if that's the case.

First, he said, turn off your main water valve. then make sure all other water pumps are turned off. Then, check your water meter.

With the water shut off, the numbers, dials or digital readouts on your water meter should not be moving. If they are, you have a leak somewhere on your property. Bryan said it's best to call a plumber from there, as the leak can be hard to find and repair.

However, Bryan said homeowners will most likely know they have a leak without having to watch the water meter.

Since water is under pressure, Bryan said it will usually find the easiest way out. A leak, he said, will most likely not be a small dribble, but a gusher.

For a leak to consume 40,000 gallons of water a month, enough to fill several swimming pools, Bryan said water would be all over a person's house, not hiding somewhere that's not easily visible.