Most of us can agree this election is unlike any other we've ever seen -- two candidates who have their flaws, a lot of harsh words and topics that might not be suitable for kids.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have the attention of the nation and world, but there are young eyes watching, too.

They have opinions about the way the election is going.

Several of the children 12 News found at the Phoenix Children's Museum have seen how Trump and Clinton interact.

"I think they fight a lot and bicker," one girl said.

"They're kind of fighting against each other because they're kind of saying, like Donald Trump is saying bad things about Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton is saying bad things about Donald Trump," another said.

The kids had different opinions about who they'd want to win the election, but they certainly had picked up the tone.

Marlo Archer, a Tempe child psychologist, gave some guidelines for parents on how to handle the election with their children:


-Ask your children questions
-Listen rather than talk
-Speak about important topics


-Tell them who to support
-Let them watch all the coverage
-Talk about people -- talk about issues