PHOENIX - The Lost Lake Music Festival starts in one week and many people will be concerned about security after the Las Vegas shootings.

Lost Lake organizers have not commented about specific security preparations, other than to say they're working with Phoenix law enforcement.

We took former police commander Isabella Maldonado to Indian School Park to look at the site herself and see how vulnerable it could be to an attack.

"It's very open," Maldonado said. "there are a lot of natural barriers."

Maldonado is used to planning security for large events like Lost Lake as part of her law enforcement career. She said Indian School Park appears to be fairly secure.

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After Las Vegas, Maldonado said officials will be looking for potential sniper positions. There's only one building tall enough to fit that bill near the park, but it's at least a quarter-mile away.

"I could not tell you that that's out of range," Maldonado said, looking at the building in the distance. "This is the kind of thing police will be monitoring."

Car attacks have been gaining popularity by attackers in recent months. Maldonado said the park is actually built to minimize that risk.

"There's so many barriers," she said. "Between the stone monuments, the large trees and then the curbing, it would be very difficult to get a vehicle up to speed."

Roads around the festival will also be closed.

Lost Lake officials did not respond to a request for comment, but issued a statement shortly after the Las Vegas attacks:

At all of our events, and Lost Lake Festival taking place later this month, the safety of our patrons, staff, volunteers and artists is our highest priority. We will continue to work closely with Phoenix law enforcement officials to assess our safety and security protocols to ensure we host the safest event possible.