PHOENIX - The Phoenix Fire Department said there are only two approved haunted houses in the city: 13th Floor and Fear Farm.

This means both went through the proper paperwork hoops to make sure, should there be a fire, there is a plan to get hundreds or thousands of people to safety fast.

"Here at a haunted house if the fire goes off," said Brian Scholl, a fire investigator with Phoenix fire, "all of the theatrical devices shut down, the lights come up and now the zombie is the person who will show where the exit is and help you get out."

It costs $600 to get a city fire permit in Phoenix, and the paperwork must be submitted thirty days before an event’s start date.

"If you decide to put a haunted house in your garage or in your basement or warehouse you have," said Scholl, "you have to get a permit and go through the proper channels to make sure it’s safe."

But since only the two big haunted house attractions in Phoenix have one -- be weary of walking through any home displays.

"The problem with an unpermitted haunted house is you’re stuck," Scholl said. "You can either go back the way you came or go through the entire haunted house and that’s why it’s so dangerous. Here, if a problem happens, you open the emergency exit door and then head outside."

Keep in mind, this is only for the City of Phoenix. Other haunted houses in the Valley like Scarizona Scaregrounds goes through the City of Mesa.

Most fire departments have a list of which have been permitted.

Click here for more information on how to get a fire permit with the City of Phoenix.