SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - The Scottsdale Police Department said Tuesday it was sad to announce that one of its own had passed.

Havoc, a retired police service dog with the department, was 11 years old.

According to Scottsdale PD, Havoc retired from duty in 2016 after his handler was promoted to lieutenant.

He spent eight years on the force dedicated to the K-9 unit and keeping Scottsdale residents safe. For many of those years, Havoc was the Explosive Ordinance Detection K-9 at major Scottsdale events.

Scottsdale PD said Havoc conducted 800 uses over his career and was often the main K-9 used at citizen academies.

“If there was a large crowd, Havoc was there to keep them safe,” the department wrote.

Havoc lived a normal dog’s life with his former police handler and partner, Lt. Chris Coffee, until he passed.

“Havoc’s service to the City will always be remembered,” the department wrote, “and we would like to take this moment to thank him for his dedication.”