It's that time of year again: Back to school season.

That means check-ups and those dreaded vaccines, but if your kids are squeamish about shots, there's some good news on the horizon.

"The biggest news and a great change this year is that the recommendation for GARDASIL, the HPV vaccine has changed. And if you're child starts it before the age of 15, they now only need two doses instead of three," said Stacey Dault, a family medicine and sports medicine doctor with HonorHealth.

Furthermore, those two doses are more effective than the previous three.

"The two dose series given 6 months apart actually gives them better protection from the virus than the three dose series does, so it saves them a shot and it means they're better protected," said Dr. Dault.

Another piece of advice?

If your child is involved in sports, Dr. Dault recommends you have them get a sports physical as well.

"And while this sometimes can be done at a mass screening event at their school, it's a good thing to combine with their well-child exam as well, because your personal physician knows you better," said Dr. Dault.