Friends and family are mourning a young tow truck driver who was shot and killed Friday night while doing his job.

"He's someone who brought laughter to our company," that's how a co-worker describes Alfredo Palencia, a 26-year-old tow truck worker, who was killed while doing his job Friday night.

Ask anyone who Alfredo Palencia was, and the words "laughter, happy, always smiling" come up.

"Everybody loved Alfredo," said Tracy Miller, who worked with him at Go Tow. "Alfredo could make anyone laugh. You couldn't be depressed around Alfredo. He was happy all the time."

His smile was lost Friday night when Phoenix police say Palencia was removing a car from an apartment complex near 32nd Street and McDowell Road.

He was confronted by the suspect, who shot him and fled. Palencia was one of three deaths from gunshot wounds between Friday night and Saturday morning in Phoenix.

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Police have not located or identified the suspect.

Friends and family are now urging anyone with information on the case to go to police.

"Please let people know. Go to the police, because Alfredo was a good guy who didn't deserve any of this," said Miller.