Developments continue to surface in the case of a missing Mesa mother and her infant son.

Phoenix police arrested the parents of 19-year-old Madeline Jones Wednesday at Sky Harbor International Airport. They’re accused of allegedly helping their daughter hide from her ex-husband with their baby.

The couple had their initial appearance Thursday morning in front of a judge. The attorney for the baby’s father, Jacob Gouchenour, told us after allegations surfaced that he harmed the mother and the baby, his life will never be the same.

“They managed to get him kicked out of BYU, they had made false claims to police, they had made false claims that he molested his son all of which was investigated and we proved was absolutely untrue,” attorney Billie Tarascio said.

She says, even though Gouchenour’s life is currently in shambles, he's still hopeful when it comes to finding 1-year old William.

“It's been a hard three months and the last two days have given him hope that maybe we're finally going to be able to find them,” she added.

That wishful thinking stems from Thursday’s hearing where Madeline Jones' parents, Roland and Cassandra Jones, were in court and issued bonds of $50,000 dollars each.

“The conditions surrounding them leaving yesterday at the airport and the other evidence and the other factors in this case, we think warrants a higher bond or denying bond altogether,” Tarascio said.

The two currently face "conspiracy to commit interference" charges. If they bond out, they'll have to follow certain conditions like wearing an ankle monitor, adhering to a curfew and absolutely no communication between each other.

“We were hoping to convey to the judge that this isn't a normal case,” Tarascio said.

This whole case started in June when Madeline's parents claimed she and baby William had gone missing but Tarascio says, that's not accurate.

“On June 16th we heard again excuses that the baby was sick, this was after they had already reported her missing but they told the agency the baby was sick. By Monday morning we were concerned and filed an emergency motion for sole custody,” she said.

Since then, she says, her client has dealt with numerous accusations about his role as a father. Now his plans are solely focused on getting his son back safe and sound.

Search efforts for Madeline and William continue to stretch across six states, but authorities have a hunch she may be in Texas and that's where they plan to look next.

As for Roland and Cassandra Jones, they’re scheduled back in court on October 5.