GOODYEAR, AZ. - A fire ripped through six apartments around 6 p.m. on Wednesday at the Desert Green Villas apartments.

Goodyear Fire said when firefighters responded, there was thick smoke coming from the building.

"They attempted a very quick and aggressive fire attack," said Capt. Stephen Gilman with the Goodyear Fire Department. "Unfortunately the fire was very fast moving. One of the occupants described it as she didn’t have time to grab her phone or her purse."

No one was hurt, but 14 people were displaced.

The fire department had to pull firefighters out of the complex who were fighting the flames inside and utilize the ladder truck.

"The purpose of the ladder trucks is to provide an elevated master stream," said Capt. Gilman. "Basically a lot of water from up high to provide an attack on the fire. Once it's been out of the control of our hand lines, it allows us to set up a defensive operation and put a lot of water on the fire to knock it down so it doesn't spread to the other occupants."

Fire investigators are looking into the cause of the fire.