Glendale was alive with the sound of hope Saturday morning at the Stand Up for Veterans event.

That sound came in the form of a bell that Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers brought out to celebrate every single time a veteran was offered a job.

Mayor Weiers said when he got the bell, he promised someone he would use it to make a difference in people's lives.

"So every time an employer inside knows they're going to make an offer to a veteran, we ask them to bring that vet out in the middle of the room, announce the company, announce the veteran's name ,and ring the bell as loud as they can, so everyone knows someone just got hired. The room goes nuts,' Weiers said.

Larry Reddin, with JD Steel, rang the bell thirteen times last year, and he came back again this year.

"Vets have been in the service. They know responsibility. They work hard," he said.

The Standup for Veterans event offered a variety of services for veterans such as free legal assistance, higher education and social services opportunities information, free lunch and job interviews. Judge Elizabeth Finn represented 22 different cities. Additionally, veterans who had a suspended drivers license even had the option to do community service and get it reinstated.

The unique event brought out Rolfs Salon, which offered free haircuts, a hiring fair, photographers ready to take head shots, people helping vets write resumes, and even court and lawyers were on hand.