The demand for law enforcement officers in the Valley is high, and the Gilbert Police Department is making an aggressive push for recruits.

“We have an immediate need to try and recruit 26 applicants to fill vacant position at various academies that were using for officers to go through the post certification academy,” Gilbert PD Sgt. Darrell Krueger said.

Krueger said the demand for officers in the department is always growing because the need across the Valley is great.

“The competition is definitely strong we try and put our best foot forward," he said. "Again, we have a very dedicated citizenry, strong police support and we have a department with a lot of opportunity and growth so we feel like those are some of our strong points."

Sgt. Krueger added that his their department's efforts stretch beyond your average job posting.

See job postings at Gilbert Police here.

“Really it's about getting the message out, of course agencies across the Valley are hiring at this time," Krueger said. "Our agency is unique -- we're pretty aggressive, we go to things like even farmers markets, job fairs of various kinds, whether in state or out of state, a strong social media presence that announces our needs, our testing process and even gives some tips and tricks about how people can interview well."

If you're looking to protect and serve, you can do so right here in the Valley of the Sun.