GILBERT, Ariz. - The family of a sweet Gilbert couple is throwing a big party in honor of their 70th wedding anniversary.

The two have stayed together through the thick and thin, and now they’re offering advice to those just starting out on the journey of marriage.

“Our 70th wedding anniversary," said Elinore Englebrech, celebrating a big milestone with her husband Leroy.

Quite an accomplishment!

“Yes it is," they both said at the same time.

It's something they reflect on: “70 years of pretty much happiness," Leroy said.

Elinore and Leroy went to high school together for two years in Wisconsin. She didn’t have much to do with him then, but when they got out of the military, they started dating.

“So she finally talked me into marrying her;" he said and she laughed. "I asked her if I thought this ring would fit her finger.”

Elinore recalls, "it was pretty special.".

Years later now, they have three kids and a bunch of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

"So we’re pretty blessed," Elinore said.

So what’s the secret to a long happy marriage?

"Just be happy I guess,” Leroy said. "Be comfortable, read, associate with people, have a good faith and family," Elinore said.

While there are always a few ups and downs, Leroy advised, “Just say, 'Yes, dear.'"

They know what it takes to make a marriage last after all these years. Here are their words of wisdom for young couples getting married:

"Be truthful, be respectful,” Elinore said. "Learn how to give and take,” Leroy added.

It’s worked for them.

“She’s pretty much of a caring, take-care-of-me type of woman that loves to cook," Leroy said. "She's been a great mother.”

"He’s very patient, very caring, type of person, not a loud mouth by any means, very humble," Elinore said.

It’s easy to see just how much they love each other - 70 years strong. They now live in a senior community in Gilbert, where they will celebrate with their whole family with a special dinner party.