GLENDALE, Ariz. - Two teenagers who died in a car crash, where the driver who hit them was arrested for possibly being under the influence, are remembered fondly a day after the incident.

Stephanie Lopez ran part of an afternoon program where she worked with one of the victims who died and her twin sister.

"I was able to see them go from little to adults," said Lopez. "They were just really beautiful, full of energy and always happy. They loved each other so much."

Lopez said she knew the two victims since they were elementary school age. She has stayed in contact with them and their family throughout the years.

"I can't even image what their families are going through right now, or how her sister is going to wake up and realize that someone she was literally in the womb with won't be there to homecoming, to prom, to graduation, [a] wedding, [have] children."

Police still have not released the identified of the crash victims, and a friend of the family said they were not ready to comment.