AVONDALE, Ariz. - A horse in the Phoenix area is recovering after getting stuck in an irrigation ditch. It was quite a sight to see, but of course there were some terrifying moments for the horse and his owner.

The incident happened in a neighborhood near 129th and Southern avenues.

For a couple hours, the horse named Mr. struggled to get out of a canal.

It became a community effort to get him out.

When neighbors saw the horse stuck in the canal, they rushed in and tried to help. It was too difficult, so they called authorities and a livestock officer responded.

They used tow straps to guide and pull the horse out of the tube. Then they used another neighbor’s forklift to rig up the straps and lifted him out.

PHOTOS: Horse saved from Avondale canal

He initially got stuck after another horse opened the gate and he jumped in.

"When he got to the end here, what he tried to do was jump back out, and because the water in there and the slime, his back feet slipped and went underneath," said Linda Fetterer, the owner of the horse.

“He was very active trying to get himself out and backing himself out, but the more he struggled, the more he’d go in to the tube, so he was starting to give up hope," said Mark Soto, a neighbor who helped get him out.

But the rescue team was determined and eventually got him out. They moved the horse to a grassy area where they hooked him up to an IV and gave him a painkiller as well as medicine for the cuts on his legs.

Amazingly, he didn’t break any bones.

Now Mr. is back in his stall and doing well. He's a very special horse. The 23-year-old Arab worked with people with disabilities for six years and as a police horse in California for six years.