SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Rodolfo Ramirez, a former MMA Fighter, is expected to face a judge Thursday, after police say he sexually assaulted a woman in Old Town Scottsdale.

Ramirez, 28, recently stood before a judge in handcuffs during an initial court appearance as allegations were read.

He was put behind bars at the end of September. Police say the was victim passed out and Ramirez grabbed her and took her to a nearby parking garage in Old Town Scottsdale, where he sexually assaulted her.

Police say her friend left to get the car and when she got back, her friend was gone.

There are jaw-dropping surveillance photos that have been seen around the world, showing Ramirez picking up the victim, in her 20s, and carrying her away. Police say Ramirez then took her to Tempe where he dropped her off outside of a dorm.

The victim told police that she had been out drinking with a friend at a Scottsdale club and her next memory was waking up in an unknown location being sexually assaulted by a man she did not know.

Ramirez faces kidnapping, sexual assault and sexual abuse charges. Police say this appears to be an isolated attack and Ramirez is being held without bond.

He's scheduled to stand before a judge Thursday morning and 12 News will be there. Stay tuned for the very latest from court.