More than 50 million Americans are traveling for Thanksgiving this year, making it the busiest holiday travel weekend in more than a decade, according to AAA.

12 News caught up with travelers at Phoenix Sky Harbor to get their best travel tips.

Travelers are flocking to the airport.

“We’re heading to Houston to celebrate Thanksgiving,” said Eddie Lange.

He’s one of millions of people heading out for Thanksgiving, with a turkey hat and all.

“On Saturday we were donating turkeys and this was one of the gifts for donating Turkeys,” he said.

Some travelers will spend more time in the sky than others, getting to their destination.

“Going straight to Malaysia,” said Luther Bolung. “Exciting.”

While others are boarding a quick flight.

“We’re going to Los Angeles,” said Rebekah Kienenberger. “I’m going to go see my brother. He’s in the Air Force out there.”

According to travel insurance website Insure My Trip, more than 600,000 passengers are expected to depart from Phoenix Sky Harbor this week, one of the busiest airports for Thanksgiving travel.

So what are the best travel tips?

“We’ve gotta be at the airport more than 3 hours before,” said Lange.

If you’re traveling with little ones?

“Keeping her busy, so bringing books and toys and things for her to do,” said Kienenberger. “Just getting everything ready early and making sure you have enough time to get through the lines.”

What about for international travelers?

“Check in online,” said Bolung. “And then just get ready to make sure that when you get there you don’t get jet lag.”

And for those boarding a flight with their furry friends, Meghan Varma recommends not feeding them for about 24 hours before the flight.

“That calms them down,” she said. “Get them some treats for the plane so once they get on there, they get happy and they relax.”

Which is hopefully what travelers will do too, right?

Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago O'Hare airports are projected to be the busiest, according to Insure My Trip. Each airport is expected to see more than 1 million passengers depart.

Sky Harbor ranks tenth on that list. The travel insurance planner says 8:50 a.m. will be the busiest time Thursday at Sky Harbor.