The father of a Mesa baby missing for more than three months reunited with his son in San Diego Tuesday.

Jacob Gouchenour took a plane to San Diego Tuesday and William was in the custody of Health and Human Services, according to Mesa police.

Gouchenour's attorney Billie Tarascio recorded the reunion and posted the video to Facebook.

Madeline Jones and William had been missing since June. Jones is accused of snatching and disappearing with baby William before they were found in San Diego earlier this week.

According to Mesa police, the 19 year-old woman ran away with the baby last June because of a custody dispute. Police say her parents helped coordinate the disappearance, allegedly paying someone $100 in cash to transport Jones and the boy to California. Madeline and her parents, Cassandra Jones and Roland Alex Jones, are in custody.

“From the initial time she went missing here, she was driven to California by a family friend, as far as I understand,” said Det. Steven Berry.

Tips and assistance from the U.S. Marshalls lead Mesa authorities to the woman in Southern California. She was arrested without incident and faces charges for custodial interference.

Police believe Jones was staying in the San Diego area at a distant relative’s home.

Jacob Gouchenour is just happy to have his boy back in his hands. He now has sole custody of baby William.

According to Mesa police, Jones is being held at a detention while she awaits extradition back to Arizona.