GLENDALE, Ariz. - A family of four is OK after a car slammed into the front of their home, crashing through the master bathroom early Wednesday.

GCU professor Christina Eliserio was awake grading papers with her daughter when she says she heard loud noises coming from outside.

Eliserio says she went to see what was going on and watched as a car slammed into her home. The car came from an alley across the street, drove through power poles and trash cans, ended up in her front yard and then finally, her house.

Eliserio, shaken up, said she saw the driver get out of the car and run off. Police are still looking for the driver.

Miraculously, none of Christina's family were hurt inside the house. Once she realized everyone was safe, her mind went back to the years of memories they built in the house, especially as a single mom before she remarried.

"The kids growing up here, parties, knocking down walls with remodeling," she said. "It's been a place where we've grown inside."

In a matter of weeks, two of Christina's kids will marry and her 10th grandbaby will be born. They're life events she's thankful her whole family will live to see.

"This is not a fun situation, but it's nice to be able to pull out a lot of those little tidbits that you can be grateful for," she said. "The fact that all of us our safe..."

Now in between the weddings and graduation celebration, the family will spend the next few weeks, or even months, remodeling their home and fixing the mess.

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