PHOENIX - A shrine of pictures, notes and a black purse with a bullet hole hang from the bedroom wall of Stefanie Ellis' teenage daughters.

The purse belonged to their mother and was inside the car when she along with her 12-year-old daughter Maleah and 31-year-old family friend Angela Linner were shot to death while parked outside their home.

"It's rough, it's really really rough," said Sylvia Ellis, the girls' grandmother. "I miss Maleah. When she would walk in the house, she was obnoxious, she was loud, but funny and would have you laughing."

In the four months since the shooting, the family has moved to a new home, but very little has progressed with healing the hurt.

"My daughter Stefanie, she was not just a daughter, she was a friend," Ellis said. "And I miss that."

The Phoenix Police Department has released 911 audio tied to the first two shootings and detectives believe there are nine total incidents that are all connected.

The reward for information was increased to $75,000 back in August, which garnered hundreds of new tips, but the leads have significantly slowed.

A spokesperson for the department says the investigation is still the department's top priority and they're pleading with the public to come forward with information.

One of Stephanie's daughters celebrated her sixteenth birthday, which for Ellis, brought back memories of her daughter's first pregnancy -- memories that have gone from joyful to painful.

"It's hard to deal with and I guess the number one concern is why haven't they caught him?," Ellis said. "I do know that someone out there knows something."

Anyone with tips or information that could lead to an arrest are urged to contact Silent Witness.