PHOENIX - First responders took four people including an infant and a 4-year-old child to a hospital Tuesday morning for carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to Phoenix fire officials, the family had brought a barbecue into an apartment near 32nd Street and Indian School Road to warm themselves.

But the father of the family told 12 News later in the day that the family had grilled earlier and he brought the grill inside, thinking the ashes had burned out. He did not want to speak on camera but insisted Tuesday afternoon that the family was fine.

When firefighters responded, they found a woman having a seizure. A man in the apartment passed out before the firefighters arrived, but the two children didn't display any signs of distress at the scene, per Phoenix FD. All four were taken to the hospital.

A carbon monoxide alarm in the apartment above the family's was also ringing when firefighters arrived, but fire officials did not say whether anyone in that apartment was affected by the carbon monoxide.