It’s a knock on the door no one ever wants to get.

“A cop showed up at my door and I already knew deep down, something was wrong,” Arianna Kurtz said when talking with 12 News.

Last Saturday night, a Chandler police officer showed up to the apartment Arianna lived at with her mother, 56-year-old Judi Kurtz.

A few hours earlier, Judi had failed to pick up Arianna from work, which was extremely out of character for her.

According to police, Judi was on her way to Arianna’s work when another driver, identified as 27-year-old Kinton Bruce, ran a red light and slammed into Kurtz’ car, killing her.

Police believe Bruce was drunk.

“It happened just right up the street,” said Kurtz’ daughter Mallory. “She turned out of this apartment complex and got hit at the next intersection."

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And true to how selfless her mother was in life, Mallory says that night Kurtz’ car took the brunt of the impact, essentially saving two other drivers from being hit.

“If you go the way you lived your life by shielding two other people, that’s how my mom would have wanted to go,” Mallory said.

Now Kurtz's children try and cope with unimaginable grief they're looking to their mother for guidance.

They say she wouldn't want them to be angry, even towards the other driver.

“My mom was a very forgiving women and that's the approach we're taking,” said her son Brandon Kurtz.

His sisters echoed that same message.

“Being mad at him and hating him is not going to do anything,” Arianna said.”Not only is it worthless and a waste of time but it's not going to make you feel any better either.”

The family is now honoring their mom by joining efforts to fight drunk driving.

They’re hoping to try and team up with ridesharing companies to help raise awareness through social media apps.

“If you can change one person’s mind set to where they say, ‘Wow I could have been that person that took three kids’ mother away from them,’ I think that's important, even if it's just one person,” Arianna told 12 News.

Bruce is facing a list of charges including manslaughter and drunk driving.

If you would like to help the Kurtz family with some of their unexpected expenses, follow this link.