PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. - Roughly 100 family and friends gathered near the intersection of Tatum and Shea boulevards to remember Iran and Roger Gamez. The two brothers died after being hit by a car near that intersection while police say witnesses told them they were involved in a physical altercation.

Several friends at the vigil are saying this story can't be true.

"I don't think they were fighting. I even had a friend here that saw it and they said one ran out and the other went to pull him back and it just happened," says close friend and classmate Izabelle.

Another friend Robby says, "I don't believe the report one bit. I don't believe it at all. They don't fight, [they] were lock and key you would never see them fighting. They were too close to do that."

The point of this vigil however isn't to second guess a police report, it's to remember a 15- and 17-year-old who touched many lives in Paradise Valley.

"Words can't describe the pain, the pain that something like this would happen to a good family," says family friend Eddie Reyes.

Another friend from Paradise Valley High School, Mark Griffith says, "If you were ever sad, depressed, happy, mad, they always said 'hey dude life is too short, you just have to enjoy the little things,' They were just the coolest."

A group of friends towards the end of the vigil choosing to stay positive are feeling good about one thing: in life and death, Iran and Roger have and will always be together.

The investigation into exactly what happened is ongoing.