CHANDLER, Ariz. - The idea of letting students run the school sounds like a an administrator's nightmare, but it was actually the faculty's idea at Seton Catholic Prep.

"It's just as much their school and community as it is my community," assistant principal Dr. David Sorkin says.

A group of 62 seniors make up a House leadership group which actually makes critical decisions for its peers. These decisions range on anything from bell schedule to discipline and even what to do during a House period after lunch on Mondays.

"We are the ones who decide which activities we want to do," said senior Mary Rose Fugger.

Fugger is the female Speaker of the House, and you can already tell this system draws parallels to the United States government. All of the leaders need to work together and make decisions for a common goal.

""They've got to work together across multiple personalities, multiple styles, multiple passions, multiple likes and interests to come up with a solution," Dr. Sorkin said.

This is the system of checks and balances because nothing will get done without everyone reaching a common decision.

"There's a lot of talking. A lot of emails back and forth and we really talk things out to try and find the best solution," said male Speaker of the House Charlie Curtin.

Not only do the students have the ability to make critical decisions, they can also dish out punishment. Senior House leaders have the full authority to hand out detention if they feel it necessary.

"As students, we kind of know more what the students are doing and what their needs are so if we see they're doing something we don't like, then we are going to ask them to fix it." Fugger said.

So far, the system seems to be working for both sides, and the school hopes to continue using it for years to come.