QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. - Hunt Highway, in the southeast part of the Valley, is filled with mini-rushing rivers.

"There's a lot of washes and they mostly flood when we get rain," said Stephanie Oswald.

She and her mother were trying to get to work Monday morning, gauging whether or not to cross a busy water section of Queen Creek.

"It's flooding pretty badly. It does this most of the time when it rains, but it is exponentially horrible today."

Washes overflown by the monsoon rain had cars traveling with caution. Outside one of the houses in the neighborhood was Sylvia and her dog CJ.

"I love the rain," she said, "and I've been at this house 31 years. This is about the third time it's been this bad."

Parts of the community under more than a foot of water. The rain pounding. The water with nowhere to go but towards the mercy of gravity.

"The desert need it," she said, "but I don't want this much."