PHOENIX - We comb through hundreds of health reports and bring you the biggest violators with the worst grades, but what's the difference between restaurants that eat an A or a D?

Pink slime, rodent droppings and moldy food are examples of priority violations. 

One priority violation gets an automatic B, two or more result in a C or D. 

For the past week, Maricopa County posted 272 reports, all public record. 

A little more than half - 51. 8 percent - received an A grade, 7.7 percent a B, 2.2 percent a C, 1.1 percent a D, and 37.2 percent did not participate in a grade. 

"The decision has to be made at the beginning of an inspection," said Robert Strauman, Environmental Health Managing Supervisor for the Maricopa County Environmental Services department. 

Of the 101 reports not participating, 64 had zero violations. Only four had three or more priority violations which would rank the restaurant at a D. 

It's important to see if the violation was corrected during the inspection or if it's an ongoing problem. 

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Here's a look at some of the restaurants that made the Dirty List:


3001 W Agua Fria Fwy Phoenix 85027

PRIORITY VIOLATION-2-301.14, P: When to Wash. Staff handling raw chicken with yellow gloves and then removing gloves and putting on clear gloves to handle ready-to-eat chicken. Staff had visible flour breading mixture on lower arms. Instructed staff to immediately remove gloves and wash hands. Discussed when to wash requirements after handling raw chicken to avoid the potential for cross contamination. Staff properly washed hands and arms and applied new gloves at time of inspection. Staff at register wiping nose a couple of times on back of hand and then wiping down clean trays with wiping cloth. Discussed when to wash requirements with manager. Manager had staff wash hands at time of inspection.

Papa Sam's Chicago Style Pizza & Wings

4330 W Union Hills Dr Suite B-12 Glendale 85308

PRIORITY VIOLATION-2-301.14, P: When to Wash. Observed employee using the cash register and handling used customer food trays and then proceed to handle pizza with the same pair of gloves on. Gloves should be limited to one task and a hand wash must occur when switching from handling dirty dishes/register equipment to ready to eat food. Person in charge removed gloves and washed hands correctly.

Panaderia y Tortillera Guerrero

2829 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85008

Priority Foundation-6-501.111 (C), Pf: Controlling Pests; Approved Trapping Methods/Existence Live baby cockroaches found near hand wash sink. Obtain certified pest control records before re-inspection in 10 days. Correct Prior To Reinspection. 

U.S. Egg

2957 W Bell Rd Phoenix 85053

Priority Foundation-4-601.11(A), Pf: Equipment, Food-Contact Surfaces, Nonfood-Contact Surfaces, and Utensils Heavy food debris build up and white material growth on interior section of black rubber attachment and metal attachment blade to hand chopper stored as clean used for ready-to-eat food. Food debris build-up on flip top to condiment container stored as clean and meat debris build-up on large metal slicer and around blade. Two large knives stored as clean had food debris on the surface and food debris build-up on bottom of large tub where attachments and blades to large food processor are stored as clean. Black material build-up on interior surface of ice machine not in contact with ice. Instructed manager on proper disassembly of equipment for proper cleaning with manager. Manager will have staff properly clean equipment at time of inspection. Corrected at Time of Inspection.