PHOENIX - The title “Let’s Be Better Humans” covers the whole side of the bus, which is decorated in a desert motif. Its mission is more than to attract attention. It’s part of the “I Have A Name” project, an outreach for the homeless and those in need.

“Oftentimes we'll carry backpacks on the bus that will have hygiene kits, socks, water and food. We hand those out to those in need,” said Jon Linton. Founder of “I Have A Name.”

An early Saturday morning head-on collision with an impaired, wrong-way driver has put the bus out of commission. The accident happened near 18th Street and McDowell Road in Phoenix. Linton was the only one in the bus at the time.

“It was late at night, so the roads were pretty clear of traffic. You can’t prepare yourself for somebody who is traveling at a high rate of speed, impaired, in your lane. I had very little time to react. It was frightening,” said Linton.

Linton was unhurt and the wrong-way driver fled the scene on foot. Linton says two off-duty officers tracked the suspect down and arrested him.

The driver-side tire and front headlight are badly damaged. Linton doesn’t know if there is any damage to the engine. He anticipates the repair bill will be high.

If you would like to help, you can donate at the YouCaring page made for the bus and its team.