PHOENIX - State Route 51 at I-10 was shut down for several hours overnight after a wrong-way driver collision.

The DPS dispatch calls show what was said over the radio while authorities were in pursuit.

“Units, have a report of a wrong way, eastbound I-10 at Sky Harbor, westbound in the eastbound. A red passenger car, got on at Sky Harbor Blvd. It's in the HOV. Have them light up the boards for a possible wrong way. Now they're advising eastbound at the split. Last call we had was northbound in the southbound 51 from the mini. Copy, it's 964 at the Mini Stack. All units hold your traffic.”

The ministack was shut down for hours. The driver left Sky Harbor and headed west in the eastbound lanes of I-10. He then transitioned to SR-51 heading north in southbound lanes and that’s when he hit another driver head-on, killing both him and the other driver.

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A third car collided with the other two injuring that driver. It's unclear how fast the wrong-way driver was traveling when he caused the accident.