As election day gets closer, GOP nominee Donald Trump visited the Valley Saturday to pump up his campaign.

This is the seventh campaign stop Trump has made to Arizona.

The rally was held at the Phoenix Convention Center in downtown Phoenix. A City of Phoenix spokesperson said 6,698 people attended the rally. In his speech, Trump said there were 15,000. The room was able to hold 10,000 people.

Carl Mueller, father of Kayla Mueller, spoke before Trump took the stage. Kayla Mueller was an American from Prescott who was killed by ISIS in 2015. Carl Mueller endorsed Donald Trump.

"In 10 days we're going to win the state of Arizona," said Trump.

The Republican candidate said Obamacare is a catastrophe in Arizona. He promised that if he becomes president, health insurance will be cheaper and better.

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As he thanked Jan Brewer for assisting he again praised Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Trump said a vote for Hillary is a vote for corruption.

“This will be the year the American people will say enough is enough,” said Trump, when talking about what he called “mess” Hillary Clinton makes on everything she’s involved.

“We don’t win with trades, we don’t win with borders, we need to start winning," said the candidate.

He mentioned, that we will become a rich nation once again but for that we need to be a secure nation, emphasizing on the it will be by building a wall.

“When I become president this crime wave (caused by illegal immigrants) will end”, Trump added "We will end illegal immigration."

Donald Trump said that on the first 100 days of his presidency he will have the biggest tax cuts, cancel illegal Obama executive orders, stop the massive entrance of refugees, rebuild military and take care of veterans, support law enforcement, bring up our education, appoint justices to defend the Constitution of the US."

We’re the movement of the future,” the candidate expressed and promised to never let his supporters down.