Stories are always best with a happy ending especially when they involve one of our canine friends.

That's exactly what we got in Mesa this week. A dog is back home safely in the arms of his owner after being rescued from a canal by a Mesa police officer Tuesday.

According to Mesa police, the dog's owner John, a Vietnam veteran, was taking the dog, Sparky, for his daily walk when Sparky took off after some ducks.

Sparky jumped into the canal and quickly drifted downstream. John feared he may never see his buddy again, according to Mesa police.

But that wasn't the case, thanks to a Mesa resident who was out for a morning run.

Bryan Yeager spotted Sparky in the canal near the Oakland A's spring training stadium. He tried to lead Sparky to stairs built into the canal. When that didn't work, he called the Mesa Police Department for some help.

"Officer Goodrich of the Mesa police department came and got on the opposite side of the canal," Yeager wrote. "The midsize dog kept swimming back-and-forth from side to side usually staying away from us."

Goodrich was eventually able to fish Sparky out of the water.

Yeager posted a video of the rescue.

According to Mesa police, Sparky was taken to a nearby animal hospital. His microchip led to a reunion with John.

"Sparky is resting, recuperating from his intense struggle," Mesa PD wrote.