We don’t get many hurricanes in the Valley like Harvey or Irma, but we’re not immune to major flooding or widespread power outages during monsoon season.

Does your smart phone have what it takes to help you survive in a major disaster?

Let’s assume your phone is working.

Before we get into smartphone apps suggestions, please prioritize stocking up on water, nonperishable food and other necessities.

Hypothetically, your phone is working thanks to a portable phone charger or an emergency hand crank.

Here are some useful apps to download ahead of time in case of an emergency, many of which were suggested by local technology expert Tishin Donkersley.

1. Zello

The app has been making headlines recently for helping people stay in contact during and after Hurricane Harvey in the south.

It’s instant communication with official rescue groups.

2. Disaster Alert

This app will notify you based on your location and how serious an active emergency is.

Anything from earth quakes and landslides – to sever weather and major flooding may pop up on your screen if could be in any way affected.

3. Red Cross

This isn’t just one app, rather a list of apps regarding what to do in an emergency, how to render first aid, where to find shelter, what do with pets and other useful information.

You can also sign up for text message alerts, which could be a Plan B if internet service reliability becomes an issue in your area.

These three apps cover communication, plans of actions and important information.

But there are countless apps the could come in handy for you.

You can find a larger list here.