GILBERT, Ariz. - More than 30 minutes of body camera footage provides more detail into what led up to an altercation between three Gilbert police officers and 24-year-old Rickeda Jobe.

On March 5, officers were called out to a Gilbert home after a woman who identified herself as Jobe's mother said the woman entered her home, which violated a court order.

Officers can be seen in the video speaking with the woman who claimed Jobe was throwing food at her daughters and caused a disturbance. In other clips, officers are seen locating Jobe, who appears to be standing in a nearby yard collecting her clothing, assuring the officers she would be leaving the area as soon as her ride showed up.

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The footage captures officers asking Jobe repeatedly to leave the area.

The next clips show Jobe standing on a neighborhood street as one officer tells her he spoke with more than one person claiming she was inside her mother's home and announces she is under arrest. The woman disputes this claim and begins arguing with the officers, who repeatedly tell her to place her hands behind her back.

For more than three minutes the officers struggled to constrain the woman, who can be seen kicking at the officers.

At one point, she is up against a police car with her hands behind her back when an officer yells outs and the woman's head can be seen snapping back. Seconds later Jobe yells out, "He just hit me in the face."

The officer is heard saying, "She bit me," and can be seen seconds later holding his left pinky finger.

Two of the three officers have been placed on restricted duty while Jobe faces resisting arrest and aggravated assault against a police officer charges.