PHOENIX - Firefighters battled a brush fire at the Reach 11 Sports Complex near Deer Valley Drive and Cave Creek Road Saturday night.

A fireworks show was scheduled at the complex around 9 p.m. as part of an Independence Day celebration. Firefighters said an ember from the display blew into a large area of dry brush nearby.

A quick response from crews already on scene kept the fire contained. About 15 acres of brush was burned, and no injuries were reported.

The Phoenix Fire Department said the professionals putting on the show did everything they could to prevent a brush fire, but it doesn't take much to spark one in current conditions.

"We have professionals doing what professionals do, hitting every single checklist, taking every single precaution, and we still have a risk, which is why we put the trucks up there, " said Larry Subservi, a spokesperson for the Phoenix Fire Department.

"It really tells the public that fireworks are not something to be taken lightly. They are serious. They can cause a fire just in your backyard. It doesn't take a bunch of brush for something negative to happen," he said.