PHOENIX - The Phoenix Police Department has arrested a man and a woman after finding human remains at Phoenix home last Wednesday.

Husband and wife Leviticus Najar, 32, and Metika Najar, 36, were arrested Monday and police say they will be charged with one count each of abandoning a dead body.

On Aug. 2 around 6:30 p.m., police performed a welfare check and dug up human remains that were "wrapped in layers upon layers of material and placed in a pickup bed toolbox," police said.

According to police, the landlord, who is also Metika’s father, evicted the Najars because they had not paid rent. The landlord was cleaning up the house when he found the body and noticed the floor was uneven.

When police arrived, he pulled up the flooring in a back bedroom, revealing a truck tool box that had a mattress with springs and stuffing ripped out. A rope was wrapped around the mattress and inside were several trash bags.

They also found a human skull wrapped in duct tape, as well as burned clothing.

Metika told police that Levi had attacked a man in the house with a baseball bat to "get the bad spirits out" of the room about two weeks before. She said the man died and they put his body in the woodshed in the backyard before Levi later put the body in a box.

She admitted that she burned the mattress and clothes to protect her husband.

Four years ago, investigators dug up dead bodies just two houses down from the current investigation. Alan Champagne, who was just convicted of murder in June, buried two dead bodies on this same street in 2011.

This investigation is ongoing.