PHOENIX - The FBI is looking to hire 700 new agents, could you pass the physical fitness test?

The test is made up of five components:

  • Maximum number of sit-ups in one minute

  • A timed 300 meter sprint

  • Maximum number of continuous push-ups

  • A timed 1.5 mile run

  • Hanging pull-ups

The test takes months to prepare for and is based on a point system grid. To pass a person must get at least 12 points in the first four events (with a minimum of one point in each of those events).

To see the scoring system, click here.

Men must do at least 38 sit-ups, for instance, to get one point. Women must do 35. For push-ups, men must complete 30 for one point and women 14.

To apply for a job or learn more about the agent positions, click here.