TEMPE, Ariz. - An accused serial killer, caught after cops found a kidnapped woman "chained like a dog" inside of a metal container at his home in South Carolina, told police he killed someone here in Arizona.

Todd Kohlhepp left our state after serving 15 years for rape.

But Thursday night, Tempe Police told 12 News they're reviewing more unsolved cases to see if he's the missing link.

Tempe police said they have been advised Kohlhepp has admitted to several murders and made mention of killing someone in Arizona.

Tempe police detectives said they're waiting on additional information from law enforcement in South Carolina in reference to Kohlhepp's bombshell statement.

In a statement, Tempe police said detectives in South Carolina are dealing with a huge investigation. So they don't want to impede their active investigations at this time.

Tempe police don't have any active investigations involving Kohlhepp, but detectives are reviewing their old cases from just prior to Kohlhepp's arrest in 1986, to around the time of his release in 2001.

Records 12 News has obtained reveal Kohlhepp is a registered sex offender and has a criminal history in the Valley of the Sun.

Cops arrested him in Tempe in 1986 for kidnapping, and he spent 15 years in prison.

Documents show when Kohlhepp was 15 years old, he forced a victim at gunpoint to his house to have sex with him. That victim's parents told police at the time they were afraid Kohlhepp might kill someone someday.

Tempe police said he had been visiting or living with his father in Arizona, but primarily lived in South Carolina. Soon after being released in 2001, he moved back to South Carolina.

Kohlhepp is linked to seven murders, including four people at a motorcycle shop in 2003. Tempe police said they will keep searching through unsolved cases dating back 30 years to see if Kohlhepp is the missing link.