CHANDLER, Ariz. - Just hours after a plea deal from a teenager suspected of plotting a terror attack in the Valley, the FBI and Arizona Attorney General's Office is investigating a new case.

Valley resident Michelle Bastian is in jail after being taken into custody Wednesday. Bastian was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit terrorism.

Bastian, who's from Florence, is accused of plotting a terrorist attack with her husband while he was behind bars. The couple allegedly wanted to plant a bomb inside the prison where he was being held.

According to court documents, the husband and wife planned to kill people in the prison, including the prison warden, with a bomb.

Investigators believe Bastian sent her husband terror-related documents by disguising them as legal paperwork.

Thomas Bastian is a radical Islamist who is serving a murder sentence, the paperwork said.

Arizona Attorney General's Office agents served Bastian warrants at her work in Chandler and Florence where they say she lived.

The search uncovered several letters from Thomas Bastian to Michelle, asking her to send him al-Qaida and ISIL terrorist publications.

The Department of Corrections also search Thomas' cell, finding some of those publications, as well as handwritten notes that detailed how to build bombs.

On recorded phone calls the DOC also heard Michelle admit to delivering the articles and saying she knows Thomas supports ISIS.

Michelle Bastian is scheduled to appear in court again next week.

A similar case is going through the Arizona legal system right now. Teenager Mahin Khan, is suspected of also plotting a terror attack in the Valley.

Khan just pleaded guilty to three terrorism-related charges and will spend seven to 14 years behind bars. The FBI says the 18-year-old was messaging people online and asking for weapons and supporting terror groups.