CHANDLER, Ariz. - Blaine Long asked the coaches of The Voice to have a little faith and choose him.

Something his wife, Joni, has always had.

"When he walked on, I remember thinking, 'He looks good,'" she said. "As soon as he started singing and saw the judges faces, I thought, 'Oh, they're digging it.'"

Blaine's golden pipes landed him a spot on Team Blake.

"Auditioning is absolutely the hardest," Blaine said. "The audition before the blind audition is very hard, that's very stressful. They don't tell you until you are really thrown into the whole process of the show."

A musical experience that has as many ups and downs as notes in a powerhouse ballad, on Monday night's episode Blaine met Bette Midler.

"You're just as freaked out as anyone else," he said. "Like the first time that you see Bette Midler that's the first time you hear about it. You only get one shot, that's it."

Miles away from the Hollywood set, the singer-songwriter hopes to make it big. He dropped out of school to pursue music and began writing originals at the age of 15.

Nine albums later, his family also backs him up -- their vocals included on some of the tracks.

"I was very nervous going into the studio," his wife said. "It's not my thing, but it was fun and it was fun to hear back."

His kids' passion for picking up music is also inspiring.

"They definitely have natural God-given talent," he said. "My daughter will sing harmonies. I can hear. My boy is a very good drummer. He's really good on the piano."

An experience shining light on a Valley star. His family couldn't be prouder.

"There's many different emotions that go into this experience," his wife said. "One is finally he is getting the recognition that he has deserved for so long. The other is, well, pure exhaustion right now because it's just pretty crazy with things we have to keep up with."