PHOENIX - A hearing in the ethics case against former Jodi Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez was scheduled to take three days, starting Tuesday.

It ended Tuesday afternoon when the judge threw out the case.

The complaint accused Martinez of bad ethical behavior in five high-profile death penalty cases, and the stakes were high as he faced a formal reprimand and two years of probation from the State Bar of Arizona, but that wouldn't have affected his job as a Maricopa County prosecutor.

In one instance, Martinez accused the defense lawyer of acting like Adolf Hitler by telling "the big lie."

In the Arias case, he said that he'd want to kill himself if he was married to the defense lawyer, Jennifer Willmott.

Martinez defended himself in court Tuesday, saying none of the judges in those cases recommended action by the state bar.

He's also being investigated by the state bar for alleged improper relationships during the Arias trial.