PHOENIX - As a solid waste foreman with the city of Phoenix, Andy Carillo usually spends his day dealing with issues related to trash and recycling. This week, Carillo was on his way to a routine call when he noticed a large billowing of smoke.

"It was by chance I saw it," Carillo said. "Right place, right time."

When he pulled up to the house, it didn't seem like anybody else noticed what was going on. There were no fire trucks or people running outside, so Carillo started honking his horn. Finally a woman walked outside on her cellphone, completely oblivious to the flames jetting from the back of her house.

"I didn't hear nothing, I didn't smell nothing. I just heard you beeping," the woman, Liz Paz, said when meeting Carillo for the first time since that day.

Thanks to the warning, Liz was able to get her 4-year-old daughter out of the house and nobody was hurt. She thanks Andy several times during their meeting.

He was johnny-on-the-spot, but soon there after, he was back to being Andy with the city.

"That's when the fire trucks came. As soon as they came, they told me hey, you got to leave," he said.